Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat...Something Sweet!

This was the second part of the present I did for one of our friends that just had a baby.....You can see the first part here. This was for their mommy, a mini brag book that she can carry in her purse. I had to cut out the faces because I am not sure about posting their pictures.

And here is the CUTE bag I found in the Target $1 bin to put it in....Funny I liked this better then and of the regular gift bags the had!

Hope you guys have a great Halloween :) After our dinner guests leave I will be making 3 batches of brownies (one with a Symphony layer, one with frosting and sprinkles, and one triple chunk) and three trays of mini cheesecakes in preparation for tomorrow! I hope everything goes well and will have updates on Monday!

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