Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Wishes

It's been a hectic weekend/week and I haven't had a chance to update as much as I should! I just wanted to take a second and wish everyone a Happy New Year! I can't wait for all 2009 has in store for us! (Including a post on the bridal shower and my very first give away!)

Monday, December 29, 2008


At work that is....Today was a crazy busy day and I was thoroughly looking forward to going home, and putting on some sweats and attacking Jillian Micheals with avengance or if it wasn't too cold then maybe even the gym. But my car had other plans in store for me....these included NOT TURNING ON! I should preface this by saying my car and I have a love/hate relationship meaning I love it and it hates me...especially if you consider the 3 accidents I've had in the last year! (None of which were my fault by the way!) So anyhow my car won't start and rather then sit 40 minute in the cold eating these:

(which I don't even like that much) I thought I would trek back up to the third floor be warm and catch up with the blogging world! Last week was crazy busy with last minute errands and one night was devoted entirely to "baking" these:

If you call making Pillsbury ready to make cookies baking. There was just not enough time this year! In my defense I did roll the sugar cookies in cinnamon and sugar to turn them into snicker doodles. I also added the toffee and almond Symphony bar to the center of those Duncan Hines Brownies. Also on that plate were oatmeal chocolate chip, christmas chocolate chip cookies, and some Dove Chocolate...Please excuse the wrapping because I arranged and wrapped them at 1:00 AM and then woke up again at 6:45 AM to add in the brownies that had been too hot to place in the arrangement before.

Christmas was pretty quiet this year but I did get some of this yummy perfume :)

I'm debating getting the Wii fit with one of the gift cards I got does anyone have any thoughts on it as in is it good/average/bad?

We also visited Santa! (This was taken the weekend before at a friends Christmas party but was too cute not to share!)

So I hope all of you had a great Christmas and are looking forward to celebrating a new year where perhaps my car will love me!

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Snowing....

and I am at work...annoyed because I hate driving in Snow! I want to be tucked away at home wearing this sweater:

Although I want the Kelly Green one but I couldn't find a picture of it online!
and these boots!

Don't they look SO cozy?

P.S. I am eagerly awaiting a package in the mail a package with something that makes me want to jump and squeal with joy and look at HOW pretty they are! Really the things that make me happy are so minimal! Anyhow my 100th post is coming and I think I will do a give away involving what is coming in my package so stay tuned!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I saw Susannah's Post over at Petunia Face and it brought back memories....So I thought I would share these from my 2006 trip to India. I also went in 2008 but I never uploaded them or went through them because while I was there my great grandmother passed away and I never looked at them after that...I hope you enjoy them and a big thanks to Susannah for decribing my thoughts exactly...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl who LOVED snow, for oh so many reasons! When I say she LOVED snow I mean it in the Lorelai Gilmore way of loving snow. It made EVERYTHING oh so pretty and just one or two inches brought those magical words from the local News Anchors "No School!" So she would have a day off to play and frolick in the snow and when she had her fill she would go inside warm herself up and enjoy the rest of her day off with her nose in a good book. After a day or two the snow would melt away and life would go back to normal leaving memories of a day when everything was magical.

Photo from
Then the girl grew up and she moved to another place far far away, one that was frequented by snow quite often and it still seemed magical at first...Until the snow wouldn't stop it kept falling and falling! The girl prepared for a fun day off like always except here despite the snow that was rapidly falling to the amoundts of 2 and 3 feet there were no closings! In fact you had to DIG the car out and STILL attend CLASS and WORK nevermind drive in the blistery mess??

What?? How was this possible??
The snow was starting to lose it's powers over the girl and it didn't seem so magical anymore :( Even though it was still pretty to look at she didn't like walking to class in it nor did she like driving in it and what was worse is it wouldn't go away! Unlike the snow from before it stuck around for weeks and weeks making a sloshy, icy slippery mess everywhere. Not only that but MONTHS later when it was finally starting to get warm again when she would go to the mall she would find giant mountains of this!

Photo from

That's right DIRTY SNOW, DISGUSTING DIRTY SNOW that the girl thought had finally gone away. That is how the girl decided she does NOT LOVE snow anymore tragic isn't it?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coffee, Tea, or??

As I've said over and over again it's cold! Which makes me want something to warm me up in the mornings. Work coffee was out because it's gross and while I love hot chocolate sometimes it makes cozy enough to fall asleep! So I picked up this at the grocery store and have been having it every morning ever since!

Photo from
It's absolutely delicious!

I am NOT a tea drinker I don't really like the taste of it unless it's heavily brewed Indian Chai with all the yummy spices!

Photo from

What is your pick me up during the day? Do you like something warm or do you head straight for the vending machine for a soda?

P.S. How FUNNY was Heidi after a few shots of patron? "Loco en la cabeza Senor" "Ariba Ariba" what WAS that?? Also JB's "you guys should put up some signs" CLASSIC!

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Monday....

The weekend completely flew by! I am so looking forward to having a few days off next week because I just feel like we ALWAYS have something to do! The shower was a success the bride to be had NO idea and all her friends had a great time! I have to upload the pics from my camera so you can see the decorations.

Saturday night I ran some Olive Oil through hair and let it stay over night. My hair is so soft and definitely much less frizzy now. Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are both GREAT conditioners for hair. I have also hear of some using eggs and beer? Have any of you tried this if so how does it work? Do you have other hair secrets? Please share because I am always trying to find something that works with my semi curly, semi frizzy hair. I also snuck in a hair cut on Sunday so now my hair feels MUCH bouncier then before....It had gotten SO long!

In other news even though I never watch How I met your Mother because it comes on at the same time as Gossip Girl I can't help but laugh at these pictures. It looks like it will be a pretty funny episode and Heidi and Spencer won't be the only ones guest starring this episode will also include Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson....

Photos from

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Friday!

Sorry to be lame I know the posts haven't been superb this week but every spare second I have has been focused on planning the shower tomorrow. Admist all of that I remembered that 5 months ago today at this time I was getting MARRIED!! I am so proud of my self for remembering because the day always comes and goes and I don't think twice....In fact at 1 month my cute grandmother called and said Happy Anniversary and my response was "for what??" I have absolutely no idea where 5 months went but as I've been narrowing down photo selections here are a few more favorites....Enjoy and have a GREAT WEEKEND!

I find this one so funny! After I am brought in Jay and I are supposed to exchange flower garlands but as you can see I am delicately perched on the shoulders of my uncles so Jay would have a hard time putting his on me...I don't know HOW he did it but his best man somehow mustered some crazy HULK energy and lifted Jay up all alone! Jay is a big guy so I have NO idea how he did it but i love that it was captured in this picture.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


In general I am pretty good about watching what I eat, this is mainly because I have a body type that can put on weight easily if I am not careful! But yesterday I was in the mood for some junk food...more specifically these:

These are my weakness and when I put the bag in my basket I knew I shouldn't do it because I could probably eat them all in one day! They are just SO YUMMY! I had some with my lunch yesterday and then put them away in my drawer. This morning I forgot I even had them till I opened the drawer to get something and now since 9:15 this morning all I want is Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato chips! What is your junk food weakness?? Please tell me I'm not the only one that has an affinity for Cheddar and Sour Cream!!

*Photo and nutritional info are from the frito-lay website.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Your husband, boyfriend, significant other, or brothers sweatshirts that is! Why is it that boys sweaters are just SO much warmer then the girls ones?? My favorite thing to do on a chilly night is wrap myself in one of the husbands sweatshirts with a mug of hot chocolate. Before that I used to steal my brothers but if either of them catches me I'm done for! I can't help it mine just aren't the same! Maybe because they are so much bigger so they are nice and cozy! The second best thing is normally a college sweatshirt and I am long overdue for a new one after mine being passed around between me and my brother all the time!

What's your favorite piece of your husbands wardrobe to steal?

P.S. Our Gym attendance has been NOT so stellar lately and although I always want to go I am lazy to leave the house once I get home. I am thinking of trying out this DVD have any of you tried it? If so is it as good as it seems?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So you know

I <3 Chuck and Blair

Image from

I DON'T <3 Aaron Rose Image from

Enough Said!

Too much to do!

This is going to be a really busy week! We decided to go ahead with a movie theme for the bridal shower on Saturday....Our bride is going to be headed to India in a few weeks and won't be coming back until after the wedding. It seems like many of the guests will not be bringing gifts, so in order for her to have something to open we are putting together a bridal goodie bag starting with this tote:

Image from

I have one of these from my wedding and I loved it! I can't decide however since mine is pretty much new if it would be fun to pass along the same bag as a family tradition or just buy a new one. I wouldn't want anyone to feel as if I was being cheap I just think it might be a fun tradition. Thoughts?

I have also put together a list of goodies for her to open that she might need on her trip....I need at least 15 items and some of these are a stretch do you guys have any ideas? I'd love the input!

*Flip Flops- to keep you from stepping in cow poop
*Shawl- To keep you warm when he is not there….
*Framed Picture of the couple- For when you actually miss him
*Mosquito Spray (Husband Repellent)- To keep away all the marriage proposals in India
*Sleep Mask- For Sweet dreams
*Marriage for Idiots- You might as well get in some research while you are apart
*VS Gift Card- You know what this is for
*Good Headphones?- To drown out all the honking horns and the vegetable seller in the morning.
*Phone Card- For when talking to him seems like more fun then shopping
*Dramamine- Because sometimes he is boring and at least if you fall asleep you can blame it on the medicine
*Sunglasses- Because in India people will look at you like you are a movie star might as well act like one
*Hair ties- After 2 days on a plane your hair won’t be pretty!
*Face Wipes-Again after 2 days on a plane…..

*Glasses Case- To keep your glasses safe when you don’t want to look at him anymore…

I added some funny stuff to put on a little note on top of each package....let me know what you guys think!

Monday, December 8, 2008

For someone who barely ever uses makeup I REALLY love to play with it! Especially eye makeup....So here are my top beauty picks from Sephora this year! These would be perfect for stocking stuffers for any glamour girl :)
This Givenchy Couture Makeup Palette :because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the trendy bag and the purpely shades inside. Getting ready for a fun night out is super easy with this at your finger tips.
Smashbox Gift of Glow : because baby or no baby every girl deserves to glow....The satin ouch is adorable and I like that it's perfect for an everyday neutral look.
The Stila Smoky Eye Talking Palette : this talks you through getting those perfect smoky eyes....for someone that might be a little makeup challenged but still loves to use it this is perfection :)
Pop Beauty Eye Cake : This is the one for green eyes, but they have them for every color. These are fun combos that make your eyes pop!
The Lash Stash : I spent a long time trying to find the perfect mascara, this is a perfect way to get to try out a bunch and not feel bad for wasting money on something you'll only use once

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Photos from and

So I just found out I am helping host a bridal shower next Thursday.....I have a few themes in my head that I think could be thrown together. There won't be any invites so that's one less thing to worry about....I just have to focus on a theme, games, decor, and favors. Any thoughts?? My two top runners are a movie theme with posters from love stories printed out and put up in 8x11 frames to seem like a movie theatre and stars hangings etc. As a favor you can give out CD's with top love songs from these movies. Along with bridal shower games I was thinking of having a game of movie trivia. The second idea is for a garden party but inside because it's cold....this would have a picnic style set up and decor, the normal bridal shower games, and maybe potted flowers for a favor?? What are your thAdd Imageoughts, ideas, recommendations??

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Southern Girl at least in my dreams...

For whatever reason I am incredibly exhausted today! I fell asleep at 11:45ish watching Friends...the episode where Rachel is at the hospital getting ready to give birth to Emma and Chandler and Monica decide to have a baby. I love catching the reruns of Friends and Sex in the City even though I've probably seen ALL the episodes by now they never seem to get old. Anyhow when I woke up this morning I remembered distinctly what I dreamt about and I normally NEVER do. I dreamt about biscuits...that's right I dreamt I was having an adamant conversation about just how AWESOME biscuits are! I remember describing how perfect they are all warm and flaky with a little pat of butter in them, and that you can get them in different flavors too! You can get ones with Cheese and Garlic, or herbs, or if you want something sweet you can get them with Cinnamon! Clearly I was very excited :) I have no idea WHERE any of that even came from but I do have to say biscuits are AWESOME and I do love the flaky goodness so so much! Don't you agree??

Photo from the Pillsbury Website

Just look at them don't you want one right now?? Check out all the fun recipes involving biscuits on the Pillsbury website. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Thundi=cold! Speaking of warm sweaters I can't decide if I like these capes from Forever 21 or not. They look so fun and I really do have a weakness for shawls/wraps. The only problem is I think I would need to try it on and half the stuff that is on the Forever 21 website is never in the store.


Britney Spears has been all over TV lately to promote her new CD Circus. There was the MTV special on Sunday, GMA today, and countless magazine covers. I don't know if any of you watched the MTV special, I did and I really just got the feeling that while she's determined to get back out there she still looks a little lost. It basically seems like she's trapped in her life. I was never a huge fan of hers anyhow but I have to give her credit for picking herself back up and facing the world again. This shot of her from her recent Glamour photo shoot looks a little off to me but you can tell she is trying and I love that sweater she's looks so warm and comfy perfect for the chilly day we are having today....
P.S. For those who are wondering I did order the Armani Exchange bag below at 30% off and free shipping but when I got it, it was WAY larger then it looked and the handle made it a little awkward to carry. :( Thank goodness for free returns! I am on the look out for something similar in style just smaller if you see anything let me know!

Monday, December 1, 2008

World Aids Day

According to UNAIDS there are around 33.2 Million people living with AIDS and this includes about 2.5 million children. I'm sure many of you remember this post on Product (red) a charity set up by Bono to raise money and awareness for AIDS in Africa. Well the latest company to get involved is Starbucks and I can't help but wonder if this has anything to do with the following:Anyhow if you purchase any of these 3 holiday drinks 5 cents will be donated to Product (Red) and today since it is World Aids Day there will be 5 cents donated for every beverage purchased.

Espresso Truffle

Gingersnap Latte

Peppermint Mocha Twist (this one sounds SO good!)

While I think it's great they are making an effort and I definitely wouldn't mind some yummy coffee I feel like if I am purchasing it to support funding for AIDS programs I might as well just donate the 4 dollars and call it a day as opposed to just 5 cents. I am sure that they will raise a lot and like I said it's awesome that they are joining forces with Product (Red) but if it's really something that matters to you then it seems a little silly! What do you guys think?

For more information check this out.