Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shop It to Me

I am well aware that this blog has been lacking in the creative department as of late....not because I haven't been working on things but because I haven't uploaded the pictures off my camera!

I will try to be better about that but in the mean time here is an awesome website! Being a newlywed, new home owner, and dealing with the hard times requires cutting back on spending. This website allows you to pick the brands that you love and the your sizes and it will send you daily e-mails on what's on sale! This may or may not help your shopping addiction but hey at least you are getting stuff on sale right?? Some of my favorites from today:

This Lace Trim Henley Tee from Ann Taylor LOFT down to 19.99 from 29.50

This Silk-Dot Print Scarf from Banana Republic down to 29.99 from 49.00
This Multi-Stone Cluster Bracelet from Banana Republic down to 19.99 from 44.00 (It is now out of stock)This Kenneth Cole NY "Handle It" Medium Hobo Bag down to $114.00 from $228.00 from Macy'sand for the husband:

These Calvin Klein Simple Care Flat Front Pants down to 41.99 from 58.00

These Calvin Klein Long Sleeve Raglan Mock Neck Quarter Zip Sweaters down to 59.99 from 80.00
This Thermal Henley from GAP down to 12.99 from 29.50

Unfortunately no shopping for me but nothing is stopping all of you....sign up now and ENJOY!

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Sarah Danielle said...

Thanks for sending me the link to this! I have joined and am happy I did! This will be great for Christmas/Hannukah presents for the family!