Monday, October 20, 2008

The Greatest Invention for all of time

Ok maybe not...but if you asked me one appliance that I can't live without it's my Solia Flat Iron....For a girl with wavy frizzy hair when I learned about flat irons I was in heaven! I always wanted my mom's super silky super straight tresses but I inherited my grandmothers frizzy waves/can be curls with enough product! I started off with a Helen of Troy similar to this Hot Tools but I had to replace it twice within 2 and a half years....I finally upgraded to the Solia my Junior year of college and I LOVE it! I seriously don't know what I would do without it! But lately the super sleek look has started to get a little boring. My hair dresser from the wedding taught me how to use it for curls and waves, it took some practice but I have finally gotten it right and love have the bouncy volume:

Mind you this after a LOT of dancing on Friday and anyone with frizzy hair know that dancing your butt off never bodes well for your hair! This morning I flipped it out for fun and am loving how it looks! What are your favorite hair products/styles?? Are you secretly a curly girl in disguise of a straight haired one?? For some reason since I let my hair be curly for the year before the wedding to let it grow I just can't do it anymore! While Jay loves the curls it makes me feel not put together :(

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