Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Since I started blogging over a year ago there has never been a time where I didn't enjoy it. That all stopped yesterday, apparently someone on facebook used images from my posts over at Elizabeth Anne Designs, along one from my personal photos, and an old modeling picture that I am not sure where he or she got it from and has uploaded them as her own. To ice the cake he/she tried to add my husband as her friend...he accepted so we could see if this was someone we knew and find out how she got those other pictures. I didn't want to send this person a message because then they would have access to my facebook profile and I was already weirded out that they had collected pictures from various places on the internet. As of this morning this person has removed my husband from her friends and has changed her privacy settings so that we can't view her profile so now I have no way of knowing if she/he has removed my pictures. So if this person is a reader of my blog I am asking nicely please remove my pictures...I don't know where you got them from or how you got them and it freaks me out that you did...

Has anyone had this happen to them? Do you have any suggestions other then reporting the person?

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Monday....

I really don't have much to write about...we had a busy weekend...A trip to NY Friday night and then back to Jersey Saturday evening for a friends going away party...he's getting married!!! YAY! Yesterday was a laid back day involving some yummy grilled cheeses and french fries...The weather outside is a little chilly but overall warming up so hopefully the winter coats can be put away soon. I'm hoping to hit the gym tonight...since coming back from India I am ready for bed by 9:30 PM and STRUGGLING to keep my eyes open around 10 PM or so...I'm hoping hitting the gym will give me that extra boost of energy in the evening. I also want to get back into doing crafty things since they allow me to de-stress from the day...So that's where I stand..nothing exciting but nothing to complain about either...It's Monday and hopefully you all are in a content mode also...If not here's a little sparkle for your day!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pop Quiz

Don't worry I promise this one is fun!

So a few months ago I bought this cute wristlet (I love wristlets!) in the "it color" marigold for spring...

Normally when I buy something new I want to use it right away and for some reason this has just been sitting in my drawer....So yesterday I thought why not add a little something fun to it?

This is where you guys come in....

Option A. A cute scarf (my first addiction...) in plum or deep purple. Here are some options I found on Etsy.

Option B. I adore peacock feathers and given the current feather craze how cute would some peacock feathers look as a mini keychain? I tried looking up a ready made peacock keychain on etsy but I didn't really like it....I thought maybe I could get a pair of earrings and turn those into a little key ring.....Again from etsy.

Option C. All of the above. I saw this sweet headband on The lil bees blog give away and sadly I didn't win...

Although I did contact Abigail and Bambako and she said she would make another for sale so yay me! But how sweet is the purple and feather combo? oooh and my mom has these peacock feathers in a gorgeous vase at her house by the stair way...
so with a quick trip to Micheals I would be able to create a one of a kind peacock feather keychain with a touch of purple...either beads or ribbon?

Option D. None of the above. I am crazy and should just use it as is stop daydreaming and get back to work!

Let me know what you guys think :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not the best picture

Today is another busy day at work but at least those pesky bangs are succesfully braided and out of my face...Ooh and I have on a cute scarf! Add in that there is a new Greys Anatomy tonight and a few breathing excercises and I think I'll make it through the day! Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


How sweet is this cardigan?

Paired with either a lacy plum cami or this bright yellow!!

Add some skinny jeans and a pair of cute flats and you're good to go!


Because well work is crazy and making me want to pull my hair out...we are in full swing busy season right now and I should be thankful that I have a job! Anyhow I had a great relaxing weekend...Saturday was spent bumming around and Sunday we checked out a sweet bistro Cafe Paris that had the yummiest coffee and fresh crepes! We were dying to try a sweet crepe before we left but both of us were just too full! Then we checked out this movie:

Oh man it's absolutely hilarious!! Seriously if you get the chance watch it...We about died laughing :)Happy Tuesday folks!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Fever

Nothing can cheer a girl up like some shopping...here are some fun finds on my wish list for spring!

Stone Drape Necklace Not sure what I could wear with this and it's very different from my normal style but something just drew me to it!

Marisella Dangling Earrings Absolutely LOVE these earrings, the color, the style, perfect for a flowy skirt and some strappy sandles.

Floral Cluster Bead Ring This just seems like a fun way to brighten up an outfit.

Gemstone Necklace A delicate addition to a pretty sundress.

Vintage Flower Field Scarf Because well I'm addicted to scarves and can never have enough!

Printed Ballet Flats Fun and flirty with a bright top and some jeans for a casual date night!

Happy Friday!

Incase you are wondering I don't advise traveling to another country with such a large time difference for only a week! By the time I got semi adjusted to the time difference there all the wedding festivities had started and there was no time to sleep! Now I'm back here falling asleep by 9 and waking up at 4 wondering where I am lol! This doesn't really help the fact that I have a million things to catch up on at work! With that and my weekend plans of relaxing falling through I'm just a little cranky today! Oh and did I mention it's snowing??? Yep on the first day of spring it is SNOWING! Without further ado I'm going to get back to my mess of a desk and try and sort everything out! Wish me luck! To brighten your day and mine a picture of Tiger Lilies which are my favorite flower!

P.S. To brighten my mood a bit I've been doing some window shopping...Hopefully I'll be back to post fun finds later but here's a preview. I'm coveting these grocery totes but there is no World Market near me :( I absolutely adore elephants and they are only $2.99!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to the Real world...

So sorry for leaving without saying bye but trust me it was a mad dash to the airport...for those of you wondering I was in India for the last week and just got back yesterday at 7:00 PM...Needless to say I am definitely exhausted..two inidan weddings in five days, a 20 hour flight, the time difference, an unhappy tummy, and oh yeah did I mention I'm at work today? So today will be a busy day for sure but I should be back to blogging tomorrow...the 200+ posts in my google reader?? Well that's another story!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


As most of my readers know I am obsessed with scarves, awhile back I saw this pretty one at Alloy but never got around to buying it...Anyone know of any good look a likes?? I adore it and can't get it out of my head...help please! It's so pretty for a hot summer day paired with a brightly colored top and a white skirt! Or to loop through the the belt loops of a pair of white pants....or tied in your hair while at the beach....Oh I can't wait till spring :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

If Only

I had an extra $219 to spend maybe I would get this pretty purple tote! I love Kenneth Coles bags and this one seems perfect for running errands and umm it's purple!

Since I don't have the funds for this I'll settle for maybe winning these cute totes over at Misadventures of a Newlywed...Go and check it out!


Sorry I know I've neglected this blog of mine for the last few weeks or so! Work has been crazy not to mention I'm nowhere near packed and I leave for India on Friday!! I've decided sleep is over rated and Dunkin Donuts Latte's are all I need to live :)...I've meant to do these baby announcement samples for my aunt for awhile and of course I waited till last minute...Here are the 3 I worked on at 1:30 AM last night...I still have a few more ideas I want to try...Any suggestions?? Please bear in mind I am no Photoshop expert and I just sort of play around till I somewhat like something...