Friday, October 10, 2008

Story Telling

This looks like it will be so much fun! While I do think blogging and scrapbooking are great ways of capturing our memories I am totally interested in this class. When I saw this I thought of my great grandparents who passed away in the last year. As I said before I only met them twice and not for very long periods of time. I wish that I knew so much more about their lives and who they were. The biggest reason why I started scrapbooking was to preserve our memories as we started our lives together. I want our kids to one day be able to look at these albums and share in those moments with us. This class seems to take things bit further when you don't always have a picture to capture the moment but you still want to tell the story....It's taught by Photoshop Guru Jessica Sprague and the best part? It's FREE! Any takers to sign up with me?

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Priti said...

I will try with u if the offer still stands