Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's an addiction!

So I have blogged about this before but it really is the best thing ever and I am hopelessly addicted to these C.O. Bigelow lip glosses! I currently have 4 in my bag (2 are on their last leg) and I still got suckered into buying 3 more! They are buy 2 get 1 free over at Bath and Body works and I can't stress what a great product it is especially in the winter months! If you ladies need a new lip gloss I suggest you try these out.....

If you want some color there are these:
If you just prefer clear this one is awesome and so REFRESHING! It's literally like chewing a piece of gum or brushing your teeth and leaves your lips with a tingly feeling!

While I haven't worn glittery lip glosses in years and I don't really like ginger I just got this one for the holidays....The flavor isn't too strong and the sparkles are super subtle!

So if you are near a Bath & Body works definitely stop in and try these out...Let me know what you think :)

I can't take credit for the photos they are from the pioneer woman.

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Sarah Danielle said...

I have worn these for about six years now and I am in LOVE as well! Plus the hubby love the minty-ness! Great pick Aartee!~