Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So I had a few ideas for a post today but none of them seemed to pan out....

a) The create your own Diwali coloring books for the kids coming to our dinner party on Saturday. My husband keeps forgetting to bring home the hole puncher so I haven't finished them yet!

b) Getting packages in the mail. This makes me SO HAPPY I even took pictures but didn't get to upload them since last night was a late night.

c) The super cute bookmarks that the lady from my mom's work made out of our RSVP cards. Oops haven't had a chance to take pictures of them yet!

d) Scarves they are my addiction and I love them so, I bought gorgeous scarves/wraps for my mom, sister in laws, and mother in law for Diwali but I can't find them anywhere on the Target website! I couldn't believe I got such pretty ones from Target!

e) Just how cold it is today....It was snowing/raining all day yesterday and let me tell you cute Indian tops at work and Sari's in the evening aren't very warm! But I am always cold nothing new!

f) How annoying it is that my cute Yellow sweater from H&M is shedding all over my black pants and t-shirt ruining the look! How do you prevent that besides walking around with a lint roller?

So since it is new years for us let me say Sal Mubarak (Happy New Year in Gujarati) to all of you!
I don't normally make resolutions but here we go!

1) Finish the album from our engagement party that took place LAST YEAR! I plan on keeping an album for each year and love these from We-R-Memory Keepers. How classic would they look on a shelf labeled by year for easy reference.

2) Be more proactive about household stuff, I like the idea of having different tasks broken down by day so that it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

3) Stop being so addicted to these:

I just can't seem to get enough of them!

4) Have fun! With a the economic crisis and a mortgage things can get a little stressful but overall life is good and I am a lucky girl for all I have so I am going to ENJOY it!

5) Be better about going to the gym it gets hard when it is SO COLD outside but in the long run it's worth it!

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