Thursday, October 9, 2008


My brain is not working very well again today due to lack of sleep so you guys are going to get a taste of the Rambling portion of this blog today.

1. Having a sick husband is very much like having a sick baby.....How so?

a. They wake up at all hours of the night

b. They need immediate attention

c. Even though they are grown up you will be wide awake from 10 things being knocked over in the kitchen while they are looking for medicine. You will then have to go and point out the NyQuil for them. ( I did this without my glasses and I am basically blind if I don't have them on)

d. When you have to get up 2 hours later for work they are fast asleep as if nothing ever happened.

e. The only saving grace is they are cute when they are asleep so you can't be mad at them. Love you jay!

2. We try to go to the weekly Ab Attack class at our YMCA, I used to really enjoy these classes but now we have a new instructor. She is very nice don't get me wrong but she expects me to do this:

Several times in the 30 minute class and I can't balance it for so long! The first time we went the ball fell on my face, this last time it rolled away and the instructor said "Please don't play with your ball". There was only 6 of us in this class and I was pretty embarrassed, but at least I was attempting unlike the others! (Photo from

3. The gym was closed yesterday and will be closed again today so I have had some time to work on our engagement album, I am still not back into the groove of scrapbooking so in two hours last night I only finished two pages....and they weren't anything to brag about either!

4. Are you wearing pink today? Today is Breast Cancer Awareness day so put on some pink to support all the brave, amazing women who have survived, are going through, or will go through this! (Photo from I was drooling over this post on What I Wore today.....Scarves are one of my two weaknesses and I can never have enough! I am currently in love with this one:If you like it you can find it here:

6. Someone loves hummus sandwiches just as much as me! I don't know that I could do such heavy breakfasts in the morning but it is interesting to read about.

7. Gossip Girl makes me want to wear headbands all the time although I don't think I could pull them off these are still pretty cute! I love the blue lace one...a cute way to turn a bad hair day into a good one!

8. I think I have rambled enough so I will stop now....Hopefully you were able to make some sense of this!

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Emily said...

aw, thank you so much for your sweet comment, love! headbands really are a great way to salvage a bad hair day and i really think anyone can wear them, it's just about finding the right one!