Thursday, September 25, 2008


So for almost always my style has been pretty classic, not anything too bold just colors that I felt suited me, interesting necklines, and overall subtle. I don't know if I've been watching too much Gossip Girl or what lately but latest purchases seem to be drifting far away from classic and subtle!
I use this to carry my camera so it doesn't get all banged up in my purse....

I never wear yellow but this sweater was super cute and warm!

I bought this jacket in the pinkish magenta version.....

I am still not sure about this wallet, sometimes I like it and sometimes I feel like it's too much...what do you guys think?? Lastly this pretty coach wristlet my friend bought me for my's the perfect size to fit your camera, cell phone, and some lip gloss for a day out in the city!

As I was posting this I remembered a post I read over at Jeune Marie....I totally think that part of my being a bit bolder with my clothes now is the fact that Jay completely loves it when I choose something a little on the funky side instead of sticking with the classic looks! It definitely encourages me to try out something new and fun instead of the boring basics!

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Sarah Danielle said...

Thanks Aartee!! Love your "camera case"! Looks like a vintage Pucci print! Beautiful!

Email me at - I would love to interview you for a post I am working on! :)