Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Morning Brain

Image from Istock
It turns out I'm not the only one whose brain doesn't work in the morning....The other day the husband had to leave early for work, this meant I got to be the one still sleeping luxuriously in bed while he got up and got ready :) and boy did it feel good....I didn't get to relish it for too long though maybe 10 minutes after he left my phone starts ringing and I kid you not we had the following conversation:

Jay: So there is frost on your windshield, you can just use windshield wiper fluid to make it go away.
Me: Ummmm I know that but thanks for calling to tell me.
Jay: Oh well I just drove the car without clearing it off, that wasn't very smart I couldn't see anything.
Me: Yeah that's not such a great idea why didn't you use your windshield wiper fluid?
Jay: I don't know but I didn't hear any thuds while I was driving so I guess I should be ok.


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