Monday, November 17, 2008

Party Favors

I love finding unique party favors to give out...Really it excites me to find something perfect and unique that I think everyone will love. If I have time then I try to do something crafty but for our get together a few weeks ago there was no time! We had such a busy week and the only option was store bought.....Since it was for Diwali (the festival of lights) I definitely wanted it to be something bright and colorful as well as relating back to the holiday....I didn't have much time to look but I fell in love with these:I loved the bright colors that reminded me of rangoli patterns and the fact that there was a wick inside to light, this way if you put it out on your porch the flame can't blow out because it's protected.
I also wanted to do something for the kiddies that helped them understand what Diwali was really about, again I didn't have much time so originally I thought I would buy a story book. The hubby however came up with a much better idea, I guess he knows how I am and until I found the perfect book I would have kept searching. He pulled a few links to some online resources, such as the story of Diwali and some coloring pages etc. This way I was able to put exactly what I wanted into the book. I created a simple cover page, started with the story of Diwali, a few ADORABLE coloring sheets...I mean really how cute are these?
a few rangoli patterns to color, and lastly a create your own elephant! ( I love elephants)
Everything was hole punched and put into a red three prong folder, we planned to give them out along with crayons but didn't get time to buy the crayons :(. I had also purchased labels to make cute stickers for the front but again no time. Although we gave them out at the end of the night these could easily be handed out at the beginning of the evening this could also be used to entertain kids during a party. If you are hosting or attending Thanksgiving/Christmas parties and know you there will be little ones in attendance this is a great way to keep them occupied while parents enjoy the festivities.
Here are some links for some Thanksgiving and Christmas printables.
This gingerbread is SO cute but would need supervision since it requires scissors:
Some Word Searches/Mazes that can be mixed in:
It is so super easy to do and you can add what you like and think your group of kids would enjoy as well as focus on what you would like them to learn about the holiday! Also account for one or two extra, I had an exact count on kids and only made that many and we had a last minute friend come along. Luckily the mom was understanding though!
Oops! The Diwali coloring pages are thanks to for anyone tha tis interested :)


Lindsay said...

I am so glad that you like our Diwali colouring pages and handed them out as party favours. I would be grateful, however, if you could credit them to so that our copyright is respected and also so that any of your readers might be able to download them too. Thank you.

Aartee said...

Lindsay my mistake I thought that I did credit them but I fixed it now! Thanks for all your great work all the parents absolutely loved the coloring books :)