Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not feeling....

Although I liked last nights episode of Gossip Girl there were just a few things I wasn't feeling.

*Serena's outfit in the picture above and that yucky fake hair piece/braid thing.....It looked like twine got mangled in her hair!

*Aaron Rose....still thinks he needs some shampoo and I really wrinkle my nose when he comes on the screen as if he has a bad smell or something!

*Jenny's hair....While I liked her plaid shirt/dress I really wasn't feeling the mullet hair-do.

*The weird pie-feeding thing between Blair and her dad.

*Vanessa!!! Why????


Mango Gal said...

I concur on all points. Mullet...not loving it, weird pie tradition...odd, and Vanessa...shame.

Anonymous said...

Aaron = disgusting, get rid of him.

Jenny = she has a freakin' mullet! Hate it.

Vanessa = have never liked her, wonder why she's on the show. But after stealing Jenny's letter, can't stand her!