Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby it's Cold outside!

This is the latest weather report from fun for me at all and I most definitely have to layer up to make sure I stay warm! So I dragged out all my winter coats and thought I would share them with you guys...

I had to buy this brown one because I was going somewhere that required a jacket not black, blue, or gray. So late in the season this was all I could really find and while it's grown on me over time the hubby LOVES this coat and was the reason I kept it. I just don't like that it has no pockets!

This red one is my favorite and although it doesn't look quite as cute on the hanger it's a baby doll jacket and looks adorable when it's on.
This grey one is cropped and fits more like a riding jacket, I love that this one has a hood for keeping your head covered and your hair straight on a snowy day :) Both of the fun scarves were made by my mom! Yes she is super talented in all things knitting and these scarves are perfection! She uses the softest chenille like yarn mixed with a a furry one to keep you nice and warm. Not only that but she can make the length longer or shorter depending on your coat...The pastel one was actually made for a longer light blue coat but I donated that last year and I wear it with the grey coat now although it's a little longer. We were thinking of setting up an Etsy shop for her where people can order custom scarves (length and color) she also makes them for little girls! So what do you think?? Would you buy one for yourself or to give as a gift?

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Emilie Ahern said...

Here's a link to making a super hero cape without sewing. All I did was google "make cape without sewing".

I always find that google has a wealth of knowledge and just takes a few minutes to find what you are looking for.