Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun Find

A lot of people have been jumping on the Go Green bandwagon lately. There is even a committee at work to think of ways to make our company a greener place! Whether it's because you really believe in it or because everyone else is doing it, going green is very important and I'm just glad so many people are starting to take interest.

I found these FABULOUS wedding invitations I wanted to share because not only are they green but they have something special about them.

These cards are embedded with wildflower seeds and can actually be planted! So for everyone that gets an invitation as opposed to just throwing them away after the wedding (I generally keep mine for crafty purposes) they can plant them and have a wonderful memory from your wedding! You can get the invites printed in any of these 9 colors and I don't think that these should be limited to wedding cards and probably would work well for engagement parties or anniversary parties.
I absolutely love the idea of getting one of these and am tempted to order a sample just to see if it really works! For more information check here.

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