Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl who LOVED snow, for oh so many reasons! When I say she LOVED snow I mean it in the Lorelai Gilmore way of loving snow. It made EVERYTHING oh so pretty and just one or two inches brought those magical words from the local News Anchors "No School!" So she would have a day off to play and frolick in the snow and when she had her fill she would go inside warm herself up and enjoy the rest of her day off with her nose in a good book. After a day or two the snow would melt away and life would go back to normal leaving memories of a day when everything was magical.

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Then the girl grew up and she moved to another place far far away, one that was frequented by snow quite often and it still seemed magical at first...Until the snow wouldn't stop it kept falling and falling! The girl prepared for a fun day off like always except here despite the snow that was rapidly falling to the amoundts of 2 and 3 feet there were no closings! In fact you had to DIG the car out and STILL attend CLASS and WORK nevermind drive in the blistery mess??

What?? How was this possible??
The snow was starting to lose it's powers over the girl and it didn't seem so magical anymore :( Even though it was still pretty to look at she didn't like walking to class in it nor did she like driving in it and what was worse is it wouldn't go away! Unlike the snow from before it stuck around for weeks and weeks making a sloshy, icy slippery mess everywhere. Not only that but MONTHS later when it was finally starting to get warm again when she would go to the mall she would find giant mountains of this!

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That's right DIRTY SNOW, DISGUSTING DIRTY SNOW that the girl thought had finally gone away. That is how the girl decided she does NOT LOVE snow anymore tragic isn't it?

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Sarah Danielle said...

Aww - I do love snow, or the idea of snow, as we never get snow in TX, or very rarely!