Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Too much to do!

This is going to be a really busy week! We decided to go ahead with a movie theme for the bridal shower on Saturday....Our bride is going to be headed to India in a few weeks and won't be coming back until after the wedding. It seems like many of the guests will not be bringing gifts, so in order for her to have something to open we are putting together a bridal goodie bag starting with this tote:

Image from www.wrapwithus.com

I have one of these from my wedding and I loved it! I can't decide however since mine is pretty much new if it would be fun to pass along the same bag as a family tradition or just buy a new one. I wouldn't want anyone to feel as if I was being cheap I just think it might be a fun tradition. Thoughts?

I have also put together a list of goodies for her to open that she might need on her trip....I need at least 15 items and some of these are a stretch do you guys have any ideas? I'd love the input!

*Flip Flops- to keep you from stepping in cow poop
*Shawl- To keep you warm when he is not there….
*Framed Picture of the couple- For when you actually miss him
*Mosquito Spray (Husband Repellent)- To keep away all the marriage proposals in India
*Sleep Mask- For Sweet dreams
*Marriage for Idiots- You might as well get in some research while you are apart
*VS Gift Card- You know what this is for
*Good Headphones?- To drown out all the honking horns and the vegetable seller in the morning.
*Phone Card- For when talking to him seems like more fun then shopping
*Dramamine- Because sometimes he is boring and at least if you fall asleep you can blame it on the medicine
*Sunglasses- Because in India people will look at you like you are a movie star might as well act like one
*Hair ties- After 2 days on a plane your hair won’t be pretty!
*Face Wipes-Again after 2 days on a plane…..

*Glasses Case- To keep your glasses safe when you don’t want to look at him anymore…

I added some funny stuff to put on a little note on top of each package....let me know what you guys think!

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