Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Southern Girl at least in my dreams...

For whatever reason I am incredibly exhausted today! I fell asleep at 11:45ish watching Friends...the episode where Rachel is at the hospital getting ready to give birth to Emma and Chandler and Monica decide to have a baby. I love catching the reruns of Friends and Sex in the City even though I've probably seen ALL the episodes by now they never seem to get old. Anyhow when I woke up this morning I remembered distinctly what I dreamt about and I normally NEVER do. I dreamt about biscuits...that's right I dreamt I was having an adamant conversation about just how AWESOME biscuits are! I remember describing how perfect they are all warm and flaky with a little pat of butter in them, and that you can get them in different flavors too! You can get ones with Cheese and Garlic, or herbs, or if you want something sweet you can get them with Cinnamon! Clearly I was very excited :) I have no idea WHERE any of that even came from but I do have to say biscuits are AWESOME and I do love the flaky goodness so so much! Don't you agree??

Photo from the Pillsbury Website

Just look at them don't you want one right now?? Check out all the fun recipes involving biscuits on the Pillsbury website. :)

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Anonymous said...

Your dream sounds delish, and way better than my creepy dream last night. Mmmm, biscuits are heavenly. When I used to live alone one of my "single girl" things was to make a whole roll of the pillsbury biscuits and some bacon and just eat that for dinner. Ugh, grease city!