Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Monday....

The weekend completely flew by! I am so looking forward to having a few days off next week because I just feel like we ALWAYS have something to do! The shower was a success the bride to be had NO idea and all her friends had a great time! I have to upload the pics from my camera so you can see the decorations.

Saturday night I ran some Olive Oil through hair and let it stay over night. My hair is so soft and definitely much less frizzy now. Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are both GREAT conditioners for hair. I have also hear of some using eggs and beer? Have any of you tried this if so how does it work? Do you have other hair secrets? Please share because I am always trying to find something that works with my semi curly, semi frizzy hair. I also snuck in a hair cut on Sunday so now my hair feels MUCH bouncier then before....It had gotten SO long!

In other news even though I never watch How I met your Mother because it comes on at the same time as Gossip Girl I can't help but laugh at these pictures. It looks like it will be a pretty funny episode and Heidi and Spencer won't be the only ones guest starring this episode will also include Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson....

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