Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Your husband, boyfriend, significant other, or brothers sweatshirts that is! Why is it that boys sweaters are just SO much warmer then the girls ones?? My favorite thing to do on a chilly night is wrap myself in one of the husbands sweatshirts with a mug of hot chocolate. Before that I used to steal my brothers but if either of them catches me I'm done for! I can't help it mine just aren't the same! Maybe because they are so much bigger so they are nice and cozy! The second best thing is normally a college sweatshirt and I am long overdue for a new one after mine being passed around between me and my brother all the time!

What's your favorite piece of your husbands wardrobe to steal?

P.S. Our Gym attendance has been NOT so stellar lately and although I always want to go I am lazy to leave the house once I get home. I am thinking of trying out this DVD have any of you tried it? If so is it as good as it seems?

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Mango Gal said...

I'm with you girly! I have my husband's high school football sweater and I wear it all the time!