Monday, December 29, 2008


At work that is....Today was a crazy busy day and I was thoroughly looking forward to going home, and putting on some sweats and attacking Jillian Micheals with avengance or if it wasn't too cold then maybe even the gym. But my car had other plans in store for me....these included NOT TURNING ON! I should preface this by saying my car and I have a love/hate relationship meaning I love it and it hates me...especially if you consider the 3 accidents I've had in the last year! (None of which were my fault by the way!) So anyhow my car won't start and rather then sit 40 minute in the cold eating these:

(which I don't even like that much) I thought I would trek back up to the third floor be warm and catch up with the blogging world! Last week was crazy busy with last minute errands and one night was devoted entirely to "baking" these:

If you call making Pillsbury ready to make cookies baking. There was just not enough time this year! In my defense I did roll the sugar cookies in cinnamon and sugar to turn them into snicker doodles. I also added the toffee and almond Symphony bar to the center of those Duncan Hines Brownies. Also on that plate were oatmeal chocolate chip, christmas chocolate chip cookies, and some Dove Chocolate...Please excuse the wrapping because I arranged and wrapped them at 1:00 AM and then woke up again at 6:45 AM to add in the brownies that had been too hot to place in the arrangement before.

Christmas was pretty quiet this year but I did get some of this yummy perfume :)

I'm debating getting the Wii fit with one of the gift cards I got does anyone have any thoughts on it as in is it good/average/bad?

We also visited Santa! (This was taken the weekend before at a friends Christmas party but was too cute not to share!)

So I hope all of you had a great Christmas and are looking forward to celebrating a new year where perhaps my car will love me!


Anonymous said...

I have that parfume, it's one of my favorites! I'm almost out though and like to switch it up each time so I'm on to another scent.

Bummer about the car :( hope it's fixed quick.

Anonymous said...

Your cookies and brownies sound so good!!! Hope your car starts minding you soon :)

Thanks for the comments on my new shop, I really appreciate it :)

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Ooh, the green striped sweater was def. a good choice, so cute!! The car thing is not fun, but I think pretzel chips make everything better! Happy New Year!