Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coffee, Tea, or??

As I've said over and over again it's cold! Which makes me want something to warm me up in the mornings. Work coffee was out because it's gross and while I love hot chocolate sometimes it makes cozy enough to fall asleep! So I picked up this at the grocery store and have been having it every morning ever since!

Photo from Amazon.com
It's absolutely delicious!

I am NOT a tea drinker I don't really like the taste of it unless it's heavily brewed Indian Chai with all the yummy spices!

Photo from www.twiningusa.com

What is your pick me up during the day? Do you like something warm or do you head straight for the vending machine for a soda?

P.S. How FUNNY was Heidi after a few shots of patron? "Loco en la cabeza Senor" "Ariba Ariba" what WAS that?? Also JB's "you guys should put up some signs" CLASSIC!


Mrs. Newlywed said...

I drink sugar-free/fat-free hot chocolate during the day. 25 calories of chocolatey goodness.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I am a 100% Diet Coke girl. I could drink it all day long!

Anonymous said...

I have coffee in the mornings 2 or 3 times a week, otherwise I have hot green tea, and always tons of water. I love ice tea in the afternoon, but caffiene keeps me up all night if I have it after 3 p.m.!

Anonymous said...

You know, we are kind of odd, living on water all day long. Huge, enormous, oversized glasses of water with lots of ice!

Tea is our second choice, the herbal caffeine-free kind. For some reason folks suggest the Princess stay away from any more energy inducing substances! Heh-heh-heh.


Sarah Danielle said...

Coffee, Tea, Espresso - all of the above! I am a caffine addict, I should really cut back!