Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Product Red

How many of you have heard of Product (red) ?? Basically it is an organization set up last year by Bono and Bobby Shriver to raise awareness for AIDS and HIV for people in Africa. When I first heard about this I was really excited as both my parents and my husband were born and raised in Africa and I myself at a young age visited Africa and saw the effect of aids on the people there. I immediately rushed out and bought two of the Inspi(red) t-shirts one for me and one for the hubs. While I would normally not spend close to $30 just for a t-shirt the fact that half of it would be donated to charity motivated me. It is one of my favorite t-shirts though the material is super soft and I've worn and washed so many times and it's still as soft as the first the day I bought it.

Over the last year a few other companies joined this foundation Motorola, Apple, Georgio Armani, Converse, Dell, Windows, American Express, and Hallmark. While it is awesome that these companies are actively participating in this program I have to wonder how many people are actually purchasing these items. I definitely try to find a card from the Product Red section at Hallmark when I go, and I used the Treasu(red) bookmark as part of my pre-wedding bridesmaids gift. I have one of the Inspi(red) bookmarks at home too. When I spoke to my cousin in college yesterday she was asking more about it because she wanted to fill in her friends on the program but it seems all the companies involved are more on the higher end of the cost spectrum not exactly affordable for everyone! I hope that they are working on trying to get more companies involved that target your average consumer. In the meantime currently on my wish list are:

I'm also thinking instead of the Old Navy bags maybe I should have purchased this one....Half the money would have gone to charity!

They also have some SUPER CUTE baby gear which I couldn't find on GAP's website but that you can see here.

I'll try and update later with pics of the bookmarks I couldn't find any good ones online but they are gorgeous!

Updated: Here is a pic of my pre-wedding gifts for my bridesmaids....

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