Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Tuesday :)

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend :) I got the chance to finish up a few projects as well as have a few mishaps that I will post about soon! I guess you learn as you go with all of these crafty endeavours.....

My grandfather loves having adding his personal touch to a house and making it stand out....He came up with the concept of this number plate for the mailbox at their new home and my mom and I put it together. He wasnted something gray to match the stone posts that the mailbox sits on....The bottom reads Pabari's which is their last name and the top reads Laxmi-Ganaga which pays respect to his parents. After everything was painted and glued he was too excited to pick it up! We were planning on adding a coat of glow in the dark paint over the letters and the 7 so that it could be spotted at night....Instead we just eneded up sealing it so he could put it up right away :)

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