Wednesday, September 24, 2008


When we first moved into my mom's house a few years ago every wall, closet, bathroom, etc was an insane shade of peach!

That wasn't going to work for us and we poured over paint catalogues looking for just the right colors! Since the living room and the dining room were really more like one big room in order to create separation we thought we would paint the living room portion maroon and the dining room portion an olive green....this involved having to paint one wall two different colors! My cousins that were helping us did not let me hear the end of it when we spent the whole day painting! They made so much fun of me for wanting to paint one wall two different colors! It actually came out pretty cool after it was all can kinda see it in this picture....

The day we were painting I wanted to take pictures to document our turn around and happened to get ones of my two cousins taken at two different times away from one another in the same pose....I found this clearance frame and as a "thank you" gift to them I painted it half green and half maroon!

Whenever they see it, it brings back memories from a fun, tiring day!

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