Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go Green!

So I've been looking for those tote bags that you can take to the grocery store in place of using the plastic bags. I saw a few I liked but they weren't practical since all they would fit was like one bag of chips. You would have to carry like 12 of them to fit all your groceries! Then I thought about making some of my own using a regular tote bag and writing fun qoutes on them. Last night though I found two that I liked that were also a decent size at Old Navy I was so excited! Despite never ending teasing from Aum and Jay I bought them, then we get in the car and I'm thinking oh I'll just keep them in the car for easy access whenever I shop.... except now it dawns on me that my Mother-in-law does most of the shopping in our house since she cooks most days....I felt kind of stupid then! lol Oh well they are cute bags and I'll just use them when I do go shopping!

You can buy them here if you are interested!

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