Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kiddie Fun

This was another project I put together for my sister-in-law. In this case the boys gave it to her for Mother's Day but this is easily adaptable to something they can do every year on their birthdays also. It's basically a short interview with space to put a picture and a hand print from that day. It's a fun way to see how kids change over the years and for them to see how much their hand print has grown. I guarantee when they get older it's something that the whole family will look back on and cherish. I designed a simple template in photoshop and had it printed 12x12 then I just picked up a fun album from Target to store it all away easily. The cover page was also fairly simple, again I just designed the template in photoshop printed it out and glues it to a sheet of designed scrapbook paper. The good thing about this is you can easily change around the design and questions to suit your needs and your kids.....

For some reason the colors came out much darker in the picture then they are in actuality.
Sample Template

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