Monday, February 23, 2009

New Bag!

So in search of the perfect traveling bag I stopped in at the Crabtree & Evelyn at our local mall. I wanted to check out their selection of Vera Bradley bags and see if I could find something large enough and on sale for a 22 hour flight! I browsed through everything they had but I'm fussy when it comes to bags and I didn't find anything I like until I saw this!

It was the perfect size, it passed the elbow test and it wasn't heavy like the U.S. Luggage bag I normally travel with and even better it was on sale! I opened it up to check out pockets and such inside and I there was a little surprise inside...Can you guess what it was??

A diaper changing pad!!! Yep the bag I had picked out was actually a baby bag!!! But in my defense it doesn't look like one does it?? So I put it back disappointed and left the store. I looked around for some more options this was the only one I liked. I'm really bad like that once I've seen something I like NOTHING else seems to compare or measure up :( So I'm now the owner of one Vera Bradley Baby Bag....does anyone need a changing pad???


Piper Jacquelyn said...

It's so pretty, who cares what it's for?! I love the colors so much...

valerie said...

repurposed! that's totally fine. as long as you LOVE it...and in your defense, it is completely perfect to fit anything in.