Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So lovely blog readers in just over a week I will be headed to India for not one but two weddings! Incase you were wondering it is INCREDIBLY hot right now and well I don't think my hair will react so nicely to it! See this is how I normally wear my hair:

and this is what my hair actually wants to do (with the help of some leave in conditioner and gel...otherwise it's a mess!)

So I'm packing the hair straighter but don't know if it will be able to work it's magic in that humidity so I am looking for some simple hair styles...perfect for on the go to make life easier admist all the chaos!

I am still loving the braids:

and the twisty's:

and this side ponytail:

I'm also looking into some fun floral hair pins to glam up an updo because if all else fails that is what I will resort to!

Here are some fun ones I found on ETSY:

From VirginiaGeiger Jewels

From LisaanneDesign

From Jillians

Do you guys have any suggestions for either? Maybe I'll post the sari's I'm going to wear and you guys can give me ideas?? What do you think?
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Mrs. Newlywed said...

You are just SO PRETTY.

Those hair pins are beautiful. I think it would look fabulous with anything!!!

I can't wait to see what you are wearing!

dolcechic said...

You're so could go with any of them! I love Jennifer Aniston's hair....I want to do that too!