Tuesday, February 10, 2009

As Seen on TV

So I was very dissapointed last night that Gossip Girl wasn't new...not that I would have watched it because I was busy watching the President but that is what DVR is for!!
Anyhow as if I wasn't giddy enough about spending the day with the hubby wondering around NY last Saturday...Last weeks episode made it even better....Confused?? See for yourself!
See this bench in the park where Blair was serving her detention?

It looks kind of familiar!

My favorite part of those benches was seeing the quotes or the dedications...I loved this quote:

The husband liked this one:

Oh and check out that pretty bridge behind Serena...

Clearly this scene was filmed a while ago because it is now decorated with snow!

Well at least I know if I was part of the Gossip Girl world I would be one of the cool kids....

Or maybe Blair would take me down for having a red jacket too??

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