Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We go here:

We get stuck in this:

And see interesting things like this:

Normally we are starving and I get antsy like this:

And decide to take a walk here:

These empanada's are so delicious!!! They always hit the spot I LOVE the spicy tofu one...in fact I've taken to calling the Holland tunnel the empanada tunnel...Lincoln is the Pizza Tunnel in case you were wondering thanks to the yummy piping hot 99 cent slices! By the time I walk back to the car with these the hubby has normally moved up like an inch or two but at least we have food now :)

Image from here.


Gwen said...

Okay...this may sound odd but I'd love to get stuck in traffic where I can get out and get food and get back in the car. I want to move to a big busy city in case that wasn't clear. LOL!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Your traffic sounds fun! I wish we could get out of the car and walk to get some food in LA traffic, not the case, nothing to walk to.

Mmmm, I think I want pizza now.

TheBeautyFile said...

There is no way to beat NJ traffic! Same thing on Long Island with the Van Wyck...the sound of empanadas makes me smile though...

Tara Gibson said...

thats so funny you can just leave your car and go get something to eat!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha... hilarious.