Friday, January 9, 2009

Braid Envy!

So ever since I saw this fun braided style I have been trying to replicate! I especially like this version which seems like a cute way to get those pesky bangs out of my face!

(Not the best J. Simpson pic I know but her hair is cute!)
I've tried a few times and while it comes out ok it's not anything great...Which is why when I saw it Grey's Anatomy last night I have become super obsessed with figuring it out!

You can't see it all too well in here but this is the best picture I could find.
Come to think I have sported this look before...but I don't think it counts since I had an expert hair stylist do it for me!

What do you guys think? Have you tried this look out and been successful? If so please leave tips before I cause all my hair to fall out from braiding and re-braiding!
Photos via here and here.


jigna said...

i have no idea how to accomplish this look, but did like that hairstyle the best on you out of all the wedding festivities ;)

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I love this look! I'm jealous you can pull it off - I look so silly with my hair all pulled back - like a balding man, ha!

illysam said...

this hairstyle looked soooo nice on you! I wish I knew how to.
I really love your wedding pictures, soo exotic.

Aartee said...

Thanks Illy I woul dlove to see your wedding pictures, Moroccan and Indian must have made for a very exotic wedding!

illysam said...

I'd love to show them to u, although they arent as beautiful as urs. here is my wedding website:
I'll upload the pictures on the website tonite.
Have a nice weekend and make sure u sleep enough:) xoxox

Min said...

I missed the give away!!? Aarghh! Oh well.. love the blog! All I can say is pomade... that is how I getmy girls hair to stay all neat in a braid..

Little House on Green said...

I would love to try this to get my bangs out of the way and help me grow them out without getting sissor happy if they're in my face . . . but I have not tried it yet. I love the look, super cute, I'll have to try and let you know.

Sweet Nothings said...

love the braids...i cant do them on myself, so i always just settle for twists

Petunia Face said...

I LOE braids like that. But I always get fly-aways and end up looking like a ploofed poof.

Also--your wedding photo is perhaps the most beautiful wedding pic I have ever seen. Stunning!

Jackie said...

Oh, I saw the look on Anne Hathaway in BrideWars, and loved it! Seems so simple and free-spirited. I really want to try it out. good luck.