Thursday, January 22, 2009

11:45 PM

Close enough for a midnight snack right? Last night the husband was hungry so I thought I would be a nice wife and make him one of his favorite treats Chocolate Croissants! These are SO easy it's not even funny so I suggest you try them out ASAP!

All you need is a canister of Pilsbury Crescent rolls (I get the smaller ones so they make 8) and nutella (YUM!). Unroll the crescent rolls scoop in some Nutella and bake for 11-13 minutes. Then enjoy your little piece of heaven :). TA DA! (Sorry I didn't have any powdered sugar on hand and it was late so they aren't rolled as pretty but they did the trick!)

These are also really yummy with preserves/jam inside we tried them yesterday with peach preserves. I think they could also make a good appetizer stuffed with some cheese and veggies. I definitely want to try making some chedder and jalapeno croissants with a fun dipping sauce for our next get together or maybe swiss, mushroom, and spinach. Oh the possibilities!

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Piper Jacquelyn said...

Oh MY Nutella, nectar of the gods. I love it - I can eat it out of the container. I never thought to put it in croissants! Doing it this weekend, thanks for the fab idea!