Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Friday!

Incase you are wondering I don't advise traveling to another country with such a large time difference for only a week! By the time I got semi adjusted to the time difference there all the wedding festivities had started and there was no time to sleep! Now I'm back here falling asleep by 9 and waking up at 4 wondering where I am lol! This doesn't really help the fact that I have a million things to catch up on at work! With that and my weekend plans of relaxing falling through I'm just a little cranky today! Oh and did I mention it's snowing??? Yep on the first day of spring it is SNOWING! Without further ado I'm going to get back to my mess of a desk and try and sort everything out! Wish me luck! To brighten your day and mine a picture of Tiger Lilies which are my favorite flower!

P.S. To brighten my mood a bit I've been doing some window shopping...Hopefully I'll be back to post fun finds later but here's a preview. I'm coveting these grocery totes but there is no World Market near me :( I absolutely adore elephants and they are only $2.99!!!


argentinito said...

muy bueno!

jigna said...

I love World Market, but A&P sells grocery safari totes for only $1 - they are very sturdy and the proceeds go to a good cause too... i have tons at home in all different designs :)