Friday, April 4, 2008

Mini Albums

Lately I've really been into creating mini albums, when you only have a few pictures it's a great way to put them together in a special way. A few weeks ago my cousin got engaged and I wanted to put together something really quick for him and his fiancee so I created this:
I figured it would be fairly easy this way just resize the pictures add in my little notes and print, but of course nothing is that easy! An hour before we had to go see them I printed the pictures to find that they were too big! Since there was no way to even trim them down to the size I needed with the help of my cousin we were able to whip this together in 30 minutes! The album itself only has about 8 pictures from the proposal with a few words printed and a few embellishments on each picture. The whole thing reads "A boy, A girl, A feeling, A question, and A ring make for one very happy ending!

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