Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scrapbooking :)

A week ago I met up with some new friends to do one of my favorite things, scrapbook! It was a lot of fun and it got me motivated again... I finished my bridal shower album and it came out so fun :) I'm working on finishing the one from our engagement party...I also sent pics from our honeymoon to be printed! Can you believe I was able to narrow 847 pics to like 260 and I can't wait to get them!! I know I know I'm super behind and don't even talk to me about my wedding picture selections LOL I'm getting there!! I wish I could share pics from the shower album but my mom took it to show to her coworkers...I promise to update when I get it back :)


Anonymous said...

Waiting to watch.
847 - 260:Quality is important if not quantity.

Eli said...

I know the feeling. Every weekend I tell myself that I will scrapbook, still haven't done anything :( Eventually lol...and yes, when you get a chance, show us your progress

TheBeautyFile said...

i haven't stopped by in a while! hope you're doing well!! have a great weekend