Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Monday....Tuesday...wait Wednesday??

I don't know where the day's have been going lately other then the free time that I do have is taken up by a few other things lately...such as Farmville on facebook...I know I know what was I thinking? Hubs teases me endlessly for this but it's fun and my little character has pig tails so what's not to love?

Also scrapbooking, I have a new determination to finish pending albums yes the nemesis of an engagement album this means you. I've been getting all sorts of fun ideas in my head for layouts but somehow they are all for other pictures and not the ones I am working on so maybe I should take a break from those and try some others...

Last week was Diwali for us (our festival of lights) as well as our new year...We also celebrate what is called "bhai beej" when you have your brothers over for dinner, I am lucky as my brothers just requested tacos and not some crazy meal lol! Here are some pictures....

P.S. This post is so jittery thanks to the Vanilla Caramel Latte I just had...yum!

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Unknown said...

The food looks so nice feel like eating it

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